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Dec 4, 2012 3:00pm PST
. kate howard, mayor's budget director. so you're correct, we have allocated $15 million this year for state budget impacts. we expect to go forward, and i think i've talked to many of you previously about a state supplemental in the early part of the next year, covering childcare cuts, healthcare cuts, as well as other mostly in human services agency. that's in the neighborhood of $8 million. i think the bigger question for us, in terms of what are the draws on that, what other draws might be on that, are what's the impact of the federal sequester and the fiscal cliff. so we're certainly hopeful that the federal government will get its act together. but right now, what we're projecting, if the fiscal cliff and the federal sequester were enacted as it is in law, it would be about $26 million, in additional impacts to the city, and that's everything from hiv and aids services, homeless, cdbg funds for our community development block grants, it's a wide range of programs affecting kind of all -- sort of the whole range of social and public safety services that the federao government
Dec 8, 2012 4:00am PST
on that. >> through the chair, supervisor wiener, kate howard, mayor's budget director. you're right, we haven't issued budget directions or -- we haven't projected a deficit. that will be coming next week. i can say that the outlook has improved since last year, but we still will be projecting significant deficits in the first year and in the second year. for a variety of reasons, including things like, you know, the new san francisco general hospital, changes with federal healthcare reform, funding our capital plan, all those sorts of choices. but it will be -- i will be going out with budget going out with budget instructions with significant departments to make reductions. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. i ask that question because even though this is a -- in terms of appropriation, even though this is just for this year, i do have a question for whether this will turn into an annual request. and that's not a criticism. one could take the view that we should be supporting this on an annual basis but making clear that it's not like we're going into surplus next year. so, you know, i
Dec 10, 2012 11:00am PST
, kate howard. so the mayor's office perspective on this is that the mayor and thetxpj? superintendt asked me and deputy superintendent me young lee to work together to come inwith a plan that would both allow this program to move forward, because it is clearly a priority for the district and for the city, and, ñ the same time, be fiscally responsible. and so our preference is to move forward with the supplemental that would use rainy day and peef baseline funds. and not use any of the state supplemental reserve. none of the options we're talking about includes the rainy day. so would the mayor support or not support any of the three options that we are talking about right now, through the >> supervisor, jason elliott mayor's office, through the chair to supervisor campos. this has been an issue that's been debated and talked about for several weeks now. as the proposal involves fund sources of both and the conversation that budget director howard and deputy superintendent me young lee has been centered around using the rainy day reserve funds which are available, and on using a pee
Dec 1, 2012 7:00pm PST
morning, everyone. i'm kate howard. i'm the mayor's budget director. i'm here to just to talk briefly about the really exciting opportunity that i think is going to be coming up in the city, which is announcement of our new chief data officer. some people may think that the budget office is mostly being countered, but really our office is focused on how do we make government more efficient, how do we make it more effective, and how do we use information to make better decisions. and i think that's why the mayor has asked that the chief data officer sit in my office. so that they have access to financial information as well as a team of people who are already inclined to work on analytical problems. so, as the mayor and board president chiu indicated we'll be hiring a chief data officer looking for the best and brightest people. so, if you know of people or if you yourself are interested, i'd love to talk to you, so, find me after. the role of this person is to figure out how do we build on what we've already done in terms of open data, how do we make government more transparent, what
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
here, thank you, kate howard. so, thanks for the opportunity to give go over our real estate portfolio, give you some background. as the chair mentioned, this is really a lot of facts and figures to get you well grounded in the real estate portfolio and probably will lead to a series of discussions on other real estate-related matters. so, the city of san francisco real hayes one of the largest and most diverse land holdings within the city. to give you that context, there are a little over 200,000 parcels, making up 31,000 acres of land in the city, that's excluding the streets which of course the city also controls. so, of those parcels, 2000 of them are in ownership by the city of san francisco. that's almost 6,000 acres, actually it's a little more than 6,000 acres. that means we have ownership of 20% of the acreage within the city and county of san francisco. we also own land far beyond the city. i'll get into that in a bit. but 92,000 acres of land is owned outside of the county. so, our portfolio is not only diverse, it's vast. so, that's speaking to the land mass that we own wh
Dec 26, 2012 10:30pm PST
that continues to happen. the presence of kate howard at the coit meeting shouldn't be an indication that the mayor doesn't make this a priority. his scheduling conflicts and difficulties and you can understand yourself he can't be everywhere at once and the continued presence and stability offered by kate being at those meetings who also negotiates department's budgets and looks at other cross city wide issue areas like capitol. she is able to provide the leadership that the mayor is looking for and i think you're looking for. >> and i certainly appreciate that. i think the challenge that i see is that you have a department of technology that should be coordinating more of the centralized functions and yet there doesn't seem clear direction to the departments that they need to cooperate and play ball, and i appreciate your point about how the recent budget challenges we had over the last years forced things. two concerns i have, as the budget picture improves, how do we make sure the pressure there is there to continue the cooperation and two, twr the grand jury report it's not cl
Dec 9, 2012 8:00am PST
and juvenile stunt in calling a british hospital and impersonating queen elizabeth to get an update on kate middleton's pregnancy. as you might know, the nurse who unknowingly gave them the information killed herself the nec day. what an unbelievable tragedy. the huffington host howard fineman got -- >> grover norquist, the famous anti-tax lobbyist in washington was running around beginning to enforce ayatollah style his edict about taxes. >> ayatollah finally took to twitter to apologize. norquist's wife is a palestinian muslim. it was with great
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
of the hospital the. but how is she feeling? the latest on kate middle ston's -- middleton's extreme morning sickness. >>> and what students are accused of doing at penn state. >>> i know you might have thought it was haloti nata. >> i'm mary bubala. howard county's executive gets the beltway battle going as he issued a challenge to prince george's county executive as the ravens and redskins meet up in a rivalry next. >>> and a chilly night on tap. stick around for the updated first warning forecast coming up. >>> it is partly cloudy. 35 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. another blow to penn state's reputation. and this time, it is delivered by a sorority. though not on a huge scale of the sandusky scandal, alex demetrick reports a party photograph has launched a fresh wave of criticism. >> it has students at penn state saying things like -- >> stupid. inconsiderate more than anything else. >> it's a photo of a party by the sorority, which made it to the web. not just the costumes. >> and i
Dec 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
doesn't give a crap that kate middletop is having a royal baby. >> reporter: don't be so stern, howard. it's a baby. at a hockey game in calgary, canada, the crowd celebrated by throwing more than 21,000 teddy bears on to the ice. okay, it had nothing to do with the announcement of the royal pregnancy. the stuffed teddies go to needy kids. but, hey, it happened just the day before the baby news went public, foretelling the blessed event. >> is that her holding her abdomen? >> reporter: the duchess could probably use a teddy, the way she has been feeling, while the whole world is watching. >> perhaps the most public gestation since the latest expecting panda. >> reporter: at least the panda didn't have to bear morning, noon and night sickness. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> i feel bad. she is obviously not feeling so good right now. we're all obsessed. how is she feeling? a lot -- >> coverage. >> she might have twins. and that's why she's got the severe morning sickness. >> i think if your wife was in the hospital dealing with something like
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)